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"Oh Humnaseen launched

Watch: Pranay Jha’s debut song "Oh Humnaseen" launched

Oh Hum Aseen is a new soulful romantic song that's on its way to giving the essence of yesteryear romance to music lovers. The song was launched on 25 January in Mumbai. Zee Music released the song under the banner of Universal Entertainment, and it's a music video that depicts the classic love story between debutant actor Pranay Jha and social media sensation Anjali Arora against the picturesque landscape of Kashmir. The event was attended by Pramod Shashtri, Pawan Mishra, and Pranay Jha. The launch was followed by media interaction.

The video is picturized to the song in Yaseer Desai's melodious voice. The song takes the audience to an era of yesteryears.

Pramod Shashtri's new song, "Pranay Jha is making his Bollywood debut with this soulful romantic song along with social media sensation Anjali Arora", has the essence of 70s romance with a rather contemporary touch. Pranay and Anjali star in it and came to Kashmir on a business trip; Pranay falls in love at first sight with Anjali at the hotel. Anjali is an intern at the hotel and takes good care of Pranay. Pranay becomes restless whenever Anjali is out of his sight. She captures his imagination and occupies a permanent place in his fantasy.

On the launch of the song, Pramod Shashtri is very happy. He was confident with the choice of actor, as both Pranay and Anjali have grabbed the song with their performance. He said that 80s era are back and today's generation will enjoy such soulful music.

Pranay Jha, the debutant actor, thanked Pawan Mishra, who has shown confidence in him. Thanking the people of Kashmir for their warmth and hospitality, he said that Kashmir has everything to offer which Indian Film Producers look for. About his acting in the song, he added be yourself and the world will always appreciate you. Acting offers a wide canvas but one needs to put in efforts to carve out a niche for himself, says Pranay. He is nevertheless confident of navigating through this difficult terrain with the support of his family and friends and his ability to overcome all obstacles by his grit and determination.


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