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Rashmi Rajput's First Impression of Bhaukaal 2

Rashmi Rajput's First Impression of Bhaukaal 2

Rashmi Rajput is currently enjoying the success of her webseries Bhaukaal 2.

In the series, Rashmi is seen playing a pivotal character alongside Mohit Raina.

Rashmi shared, “I play the character of Pooja Sikera, who is the wife of IPS Officer Naveen Sikera (played by Mohit Raina).

She is a very strong headed woman, someone who stands strong with him and supports him.

The actress had a lot of fun while shooting with the Bhaukaal team.

She says: “It was really fun shooting with the complete Bhaukaal team.”The series is all about crime and intense scenes but everyone used to be calm between the scenes.

Rashmi has previously worked in advertising and has also built a presence on OTT platforms.

In her work, she's received a lot of appreciation for her performance in the movie Aasud and in the Bhaukaal webseries.

She says: "I was auditioning for another webseries and they were looking for the main female lead.

The casting director asked me to audition for the character in Bhaukaal and after a few days I got a call from the team that they selected me to play Pooja Sikhera."

On a concluding note, Rashmi revealed about having learned many things from her co-stars.

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