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Pyar Mein Thoda Twist releasing on 18th Feb

Pyar Mein Thoda Twist releasing on 18th Feb

Mukesh J Bharti, who was last seen in Mausam Ikrar ke do pal pyar ke with director Partho Ghosh, released a poster for the upcoming romcom and action-drama Pyar Mein Thoda Twist. The film revolves around the love chemistry of Mukesh J Bharti and Richa Mukherjee. The star cast of this film are Rajesh Sharma, Atul Srivastava, Govind Namdev, Alka Amin, Santosh Shukla, Soma Rathod, Arpit Bhadauria, Rajeev Pandey, Onkar Das Manikpuri, Sahebdas Manikpuri, Manju Bharti.

Bharti said, “Today I'm very happy that my upcoming movie Pyar Mein Thoda Twist Poster has been released and I'm getting a good response from people, family, and friends. I thank my director Partho Ghosh for his trust and belief. Today is a big day for me and my team”.

Pyar Mein Thoda Twist is a romcom and action-drama film. It's the story of a town near Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh. Hero of the film Mukesh J. Bharti and Heroine Maya love each other even after knowing the old rivalry between their families. The twist comes with the entry of Jwala Singh aka Mr. Wanted, who joined everyone in town and police on their manhunt. How everyone's life changes with Jwala Singh's aka Mr. Wanted's entry into this romcom is told in this film.

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