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A First-of-Its-Kind Rural Library Initiative In Latur

A First-of-Its-Kind Rural Library Initiative In Latur

Producer, entrepreneur, and mother, Deepshikha Deshmukh has started a first-of-its-kind initiative titled, 'Read Latur', which she says is a small effort to set up libraries across the rural schools of the region and inculcate reading, not just textual but of fables, stories, tales that help children dream and fire their imagination.

A voracious reader herself, she believes reading for just 10 minutes every day can change your life. As a mother, Deepshikha is also inculcating the habit of reading in her children and understands the difference it makes in one's life. When she noticed that Latur's children had access to limited reading material, and most of it consisted of curriculum and textbooks,  that is when she came up with the idea to extend the joy of reading to as many kids as possible..

She says, " Stories, fables, and tales written for children are essential to give wings to their imagination that takes them to the magical world and the sense of wonder that these books hold. I am a firm believer in the circular economy and how environmentally friendly it is to share what you have. This is how ‘Read Latur’ started. I have been reaching out to various friends and publishers to come forward and help us build these rural libraries with one book or many. Together we can create a culture of reading and learning among the kids."  

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